let me be your ride out of town
let me be the place that you hide


sleepy boys are the best because they have cute messed up hair and squishy tired cheeks and little droopy eyes and are at their most vulnerable making it easier to kill them


that feeling of when you’re in a group of friends
but you’re not really in that group of friends


Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*


do u ever feel so obsessed with a song and even though it’s constantly on repeat you feel like it’s just not enough and it you just wanna marry it or something ????


when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on 


  • Me: I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
  • Me: *sees OTP in angsty situation*
  • Me: I don't even know what I was thinking this is terrible

I’m gonna be offline for most of the weekend cus I’m going to fan expo (YES) but I have a queue all ready so do not fret my dears xo

You know who else is a virgin? Me!

bad twitter jokes already Ackles…


when you type your password in thinking its wrong but turns out to be correct



Another set of parents “doing it right” - and having fun while doing it.

i hate it when you wake up and you’re like ‘im going to look pretty and wear a dress today’ and then the weather says NO and the temperature drops to like -60