let me be your ride out of town
let me be the place that you hide

If I concentrate, I can be pretty strong. 


ok but consider this

  • who cares


whenever i feel unattractive i just look at this picture of robert pattinson 

someone please introduce Killian to darts in a bar

I guarantee you he’d be amazing at it even if he only has one hand

hello my beautiful followers!

I know I’ve been living on q a lot over the last few days, but I promise I’ll be back this weekend (hopefully for good!) I’ve been so MIA cus I’ve been moving and I don’t have internet in my apartment yet! But I should be back soon, darlings! Not that many of you have probably noticed I’ve been gone

                                       xx Shelby <3




why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter” 

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with the cat he rescued from a tree for a little old lady

Oh baby, give me one more chance,

To show you that I love you.

Won’t you please let me back in your heart!



no homo

sapiens. only homo superior. don’t talk to me unless you are telekinetic or a shapeshifter of some kind

calm down magneto



I drew a small chair

I added a smart cat


Raphael Alejandro (+JMo hug) on the set of OUAT (August 12th 2014)


I’m sorry. I wish I could have helped you.